Demand for ammunition has skyrocketed in recent years, and this has russia-export taken a toll on our supplies. But fear seems to be the driving force behind the continuing ammunition shortage, namely, fear of limitations imposed by our government. And now there are fears that an executive order from the Obama administration will put a stop to exports of ammunition from Russia to the United States. But are these rumors true? A rumor, whether it be true or not, could further deplete our ammunition supplies.

On the outs with Russia?

There are reports that this executive order will halt firearm and ammunition exports to the US. Some popular calibers are Russian-produced, and there are concerns that we won’t be receiving this ammunition, at least for now.

A few of the most popular Russian rifle rounds that may become unavailable include: 7.62×39 (for rifles including the AK-47) and 7.62x54R (for rifles including the Mosin Nagant), .22 Magnum and .22 long rifle rounds. A rumor can set humans in motion, so you should be prepared for low stock of this ammo, as panic might set in.

“Desperate” times call for desperate measures…

Combined with high consumer demand and extreme government purchases, ammunition is harder to come by than in recent years. Shipments and stockpiles of ammunition will vary from store to store, but many are still having trouble keeping the oh-so-common .22 in stock. And demand is running high, so when stores get their supply, they run out fast. Many shops are running out in the same day, if not hours after their shipments have arrived. Some stores have reported that customers will wait outside while the stock trucks unload—desperate to get their hands on the ammo they need (or the ammo they want to hoard).

Because of the shortage, shop-owners have been complaining that some customers will buy up their meager supplies, then sell the ammo online for double or triple the price. During a crisis—or even just a perceived crisis—stockpiles dwindle and product prices skyrocket.

Give me a reason…

But is all this panic justified? Are we being paranoid? Or do rumors of conspiracy have a basis in truth and reason? Most believe that the shortage is a result of high consumer demand, and not conspiracy. But whether the rumors are true or not, and whether the panic is justified or not; prices are sure to soar as gun owners continue to buy what they need in abundance… just in case.

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