By Devin Martin

A lot of people question if the .380 is “enough” gun. Well I have ranked the top 5 .380-caliber concealed-carry pistols that are more than capable of getting the job done. As gun makers continue to evolve in their craft, there’s more than enough quality concealed carry .380’s out there for the consumer. The five .380 conceal-carry pistols we list here are the best because of the meticulous attention to detail that was involved in the architecture of these incredible .380 personal protection firearms.

Ruger LCP .380

Ruger was straight to the point with their Lightweight Compact Pistol; hence the matter-of-fact name Ruger LCP. Since its 2008 release, the LCP .380 has been one of, if not, the most sought-after Ruger handgun. Being just over 5-inches long and 3.6-inches tall, it is an easy stowaway. Including a flush 6-round mag and a checkered handle frame for a confident grip, the Ruger LCP .380 is a powerful conceal carry pistol.

Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard .380

The well-polished M&P Bodyguard is a smooth, double-action fire control .380 that is compact and delivers a thwarting impact. Light and slim, the mighty Bodyguard is only 5.3-inches long including the 2.75-inch barrel. This 6-round mini-pistol is the ultimate personal protection piece.

SIG Sauer P238

Developed with the legendary Browning 1911 Pistol in mind, the 100-percent metal micro-pistol is an ultraprecise concealed-carry handgun. The single action .380 possesses a lot of power in its 5.5-inch long (including 2.7-inch barrel) and 3.9-inch tall, all-metal frame. With the patented SIGLite® Night Sights and a Nitron-coated slide to make it virtually immune to wear and tear, the P238 is a proper and loyal concealed carry pistol.

Glock 42

Loaded with all the excellent qualities we have come to expect from the master gun-makers at Glock. The smallest of the Glock reigns supreme in the concealed carry kingdom. Wonderfully compact in a sub- 6-inch long, 4.1-inch tall physique, The G42 is a strong and handsome little fella. The enduring, sub-compact .380 is a simple shot with all of Glock’s brand safety features making the G42 a perfect concealed-carry handgun for all.

Smith & Wesson M&P .380 Shield EZ

Smith & Wesson has gifted the world with a simple gem that can be carried every day for personal protection and is “EZ” to function. From the easy-to-load magazine to the easy-to-teardown and reassemble process, the super compact .380 is exactly what it says it is… EZ. Created with a flush-fitting, 8-round magazine in harmony with the Tactile Loaded Chamber Indicator (TLCI), meaning not only can you see the round in the chamber, you can also feel the round in the chamber. This 6.7-inch, internal-hammer fired pistol, is ideal for anyone looking for a reliable and simple concealed-carry handgun.

*** Springfield Armory 911

The adroit minds at Springfield Armory brilliantly remixed the legendary 1911 to create a veracious compact 9mm rendition of said legend. Now Springfield Armory has taken it up a whole new level; or, should I say, taken it down a whole new level with the masterfully crafted 911 pistol. Being only 5.5-inches long and just under 4-inches tall, this three-quarters of a pound beauty is a beast! This first-responder, single-action piece, “aw ha!” thus the name 911, was made to be concealed in your pocket if you so desired. The 911 is an accurate micro-size .380 that can lay it down where it stands.

I think the .380 has proven itself at this stage in the concealed-carry game. As listed above, some of the most respected gun-making companies in the world have created the best .380 concealed-carry firearms known to man today. Most handgun buffs would find it hard to leave any of these more-than-worthy, concealed carry .380 pistols off their top 5 list.