By Devin Martin

The almighty 9mm, like the big dawg Glock 19 or the burly SR9, is a flagship in the handgun world. However, there are some that stand head and shoulders above other, sub-compact, everyday carry 9mm pistols. We have tabbed the 5 best-concealed-carry 9mm handguns on the market. Light, durable, highly concealable, and powerful, are just few of the characteristics that all these magnificent sub-compact 9mm’s embody.

Smith & Wesson Shield M2.0

For those of us who believe in the right of personal protection, a gun in hand is better than a cop on the phone; especially when you’re faced with a life and death situation. The M&P M2.0 is perfect for everyday personal protection. Smith & Wesson’s properly named Shield has been celebrated over the years, but the Shield M&P M2.0 is the latest revolutionary design. With a slim 6.1-inch long stainless steel Armornite® finish, this trim 9mm is a lightweight powerhouse.

Glock 43 9mm

The illustrious Glock 43 is a sub-compact juggernaut! Slotted at only 4.25inches tall and 1.06inches wide, this pistol packs a punch like a micro-sized 9mm Rocky Marciano! The G43 is a sturdy single stack concealed carry that is light as a feather and can be easily veiled. You can’t go wrong with this popular choice among virtuosos and novices alike.

SIG Sauer P365

SIG Sauer says that this micro-pistol is ideal for all 365 days of the year; and, I think it’s fair to assume that leap years are included too! SIG’s newest creation carries a dynamic 10-round, 9mm magazine, and still comes in a little smaller than most of its 6-round competitors. Statured at 5.8-inches long, 1-inch wide, and 4.3-inches tall, with the exclusive SIG Sauer Xray3 Night Sights, the P365 is an accurate shot day or night 24/7, 365.

Ruger LC9s

Ruger came up big in its micro LC9s; buoyant, slender, and completely incognito. The sleek LC9s provides a firm grip with an aggressive checkered handle. The striker-fired trigger allows for fast and accurate shooting. This sub-compact 9mm is just as tough as its big brother the SR9, but the LC9s is a more practical concealed-carry option.

Springfield XDS 9mm

The brilliant gun-making minds at Springfield Armory just might have built the happiest of happy mediums in the concealed carry world. The XDS has just enough weight to reinforce your credence in its fortified grip, and with very little recoil, you’ll have better accuracy with the 9mm rounds. Small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag at 4.4-inches tall, and less than 1-inch wide (.95 inches), the XDS is the optimal ultra-concealed carry pistol.

The 9mm has reigned supreme for a very long time and for good reason; yet the gun making inventiveness of the monarchs aloft have continued to reinvent the 9mm for more pragmatic use. I hope we have provided you with a vivid literary illustration of the 5 Best Concealed-Carry 9mm available today.