By Devin Martin

The AR-15 has been a staple in the military and law enforcement for decades. Also, the AR-15 has been popular for hunting, competitive shooting, and home protection. The problem is, they tend to look too expensive. There are quite a few affordable, reliable, and beautifully made AR’s on the market that will fulfill all your AR-15 needs.

S&W M&P Sport 2, Revolutionized the affordable AR-15

Besides the obvious aesthetic brilliance of the M&P Sport 2, S&W has also delivered on the price tag. At a jaw-dropping $739 (retail), the M&P Sport 2 is in a class of its own when it comes to performance and affordability. This AR-15 is very accurate and lightweight, with a few minor differences from the first-generation M&P Sport. Sporting traditional six-groove rifling, and a 1:9 twist barrel, the M&P Sport 2 is perfect for any situation, from home protection to having fun at the range.

Ruger AR-556, Ruger enters the AR market

Hellooo-Ruger! Ruger has finally given the people a Ruger, AR-style rifle. Presenting the versatile AR-556. This awesome rifle has all the minor details that gun enthusiasts love. Ruger didn’t miss a thing in the design of the 556. Feeding a variety of ammo grades, from steel to match, the AR-556 is a dependable and accurate shot in virtually any man-made situation or natural element.

Colt M4 MPS, an original AR-15 updated with Magpul furniture

Colt has already made one of the best AR-15s on the market with the trustworthy M4. The creators at Colt linked up with the good people at Magpul Industries and renovated the M4 with all of the Magpul frills. Priced around $1,000, the M4 MPS is stocked with high-quality accessories for a fair, working man’s price tag. This AR-15 has been completely updated. From the MOE SL handguards, to the Magpul back-sights, Colt has taken their AR game to a new level.

Springfield Armory Saint, quality rifle for a reasonable price

For generations, Springfield Armory has consistently produced top-notch firearms at respectable prices. The SAINT is Springfield’s advanced design of the prototypical AR-15. Built with aircraft-grade aluminum, and layered with a hard-anodizing treatment, the SAINT is durable and prepared for any test. Tagged around $900, this remarkable defensive carbine is a steal.

LMT SLK, you get what you pay for, “Because failure is not an option”

Crafted from one solid piece of aerospace aluminum, the LMT SLK is in its own world of supreme AR-15s. The SLK is incredibly versatile, with a slew of patented designs and technology that are completely unique to the LMT brand. Trusted by law enforcement, military, and even seasoned, big-game hunters, the SLK was built for professionals and confident firearm experts alike. With a retail price of $2,849.00, the SLK is the personification of: you get what you pay for.

Daniel Defense AR-15s, mid-priced rifle loaded with options

Daniel Defense has made their AR-15 completely customizable with their “Build your DDM4” option. With every possible feature and upgrade available, DD AR-15s can be personalized to fit whatever your budget might be. Every DD AR-15 features multiple options; there are six different barrel lengths, fourteen muzzle devices, three different grips, six rail systems, and many more options you can add to this mid-price, luxury AR.

Sig Sauer M400, reliability from the leader of firearms R&D

SIG was very meticulous in the development of their one-of-a-kind M400. Known to live on the cutting-edge of innovation, Sig’s M400 comes standard with a lot of features that are add-ons with other big firearm brands. Sig-Sauer also made room for patented features that you can only get with SIG. This tenacious lightweight is a rock-solid AR for a civil price.

LWRCI, custom features without the custom price tag

The international firearm brand – LWRCI – has produced some of the most respected rifles and carbines in the world. LWRCI is committed to creating high-performance firearms for a sensible price. They have all of the forward-thinking specs and technology we have become accustomed to in today’s era of innovative AR-15 manufacturing.

Armalite M15, Armalite is what the “A” in AR-15 stands for

Armalite literally puts the “A” in AR-15; Armalite is responsible for creating the iconic defensive sporting rifle back in the 1950s. Valued at a buyer-friendly $799, the original AR-15 still holds the standard that so many firearm buffs have come to expect from the legendary brand.

FN FN 15, from the manufacturer of our armed forces issued M4

Built with the military in mind, the FN 15 is well equipped for all predicaments, from the battleground to the shooting range. Modestly priced between $1,100-$2,250, you can find the right FN 15 to fit your needs from home defense to marksmanship training.

A lot of the world’s most reputable gun makers have crafted amazing renditions of the great AR-15. The armed forces, multiple law enforcement agencies, and property owners across the world have put their trust in the mighty AR-15. This list has named a few of the best ARs available for any budget, big or small.