By Devin Martin

For 75 years, from WWI to the Iran-Iraq War of the 80s, the trusted Browning M1911 was the standard issue sidearm of the U.S. military. This single action pioneer, aka “the Government”, was the staple sidearm for many nations. It proved to be the most durable and accurate handgun of its time. Especially since semi-automatic handguns had only been in existence for less than 20 years at the time the M1911 was put into circulation.

Since the inception of the iconic 1911, many, if not all, of the world’s most respected gun-making companies have created magnificent firearms based on this rugged legend’s design. As to be expected, the big and bad 9mm has been the preferred caliber for the majority of those who actively exercise their 2nd Amendment right.

The .380 is not the most sought-after caliber on the market, but it is very much respected. That being said – in recent years the resilient .380 has made a strong comeback as a reliable concealed carry weapon. Some of the most notable .380s are the S&W Bodyguard, Glock 42, and the Sig P238 to name only a few.

Springfield Armory has not only made their own high quality .380; they have sculpted a micro model of the Big Brother M1911. Enter the Springfield 911, which received its 911 name as a way to represent the heroic efforts of our fine first responders.

The name also invokes emotional memories of the tragic 9-11 terror attacks carried out on our American soil. The 911 can, and should, be carried every day for personal protection. Regardless of the popularity contest raging between the calibers, Springfield might very well be changing the minds of the concealed-carry faithful across the country.

To accomplish that goal, the creative insight of the Springfield brain-trust found a way to develop a powerful micro pistol without compromising the integrity of the honorable M1911 or Springfield’s own continuous leadership in manufacturing quality compact 1911s. Springfield’s impeccable catalog of exceptional firearms ranges from the game-changing SAINT AR-15 series, to their versatile an authoritative XD series of handguns. One of the most common complaints about sub-compact .380s is the lack of sufficient and comfortable grips.

The 911 stands at a mere 3.9 inches tall with a short, practically indestructible, 5.5-inch-long, anodized aluminum frame that houses the 2.7-inch barrel. A lot of concealed carriers fret over the ultra-miniature size and worry that if you don’t have “baby hands,” you won’t be able to get a good handle on the tiny handgun.

To combat this concern, Springfield equipped this dynamic .380 with aggressive G10 Octo-Grips. It’s also dovetailed to guard against hand-bite from the slide, which comes in either a stainless steel or nitride finish, depending on your preference.

Furnished with the same Octo-Grip technology on the front-strap and mainspring housing, the 911 delivers the same vigor of a full-size 1911. The short barrel of the 911 has a 1:16 twist rate, which means the power of this .380 is second to none.

Devised with stopping power to save lives, the 911 has a crisp, short-reset trigger and ambidextrous safety. Fitted with Pro-Glo tritium front and night sights, the 911 provides visible accuracy in any environment day or night.

Some might not like the recoil that comes with packing so much into such a small frame. However, the kickback is mitigated a bit by the full-length guide-rod and flat wire-spring. This reliable .380 embodies the fighting spirit of the 1911 with a smoother shooting action.

Even though the 1-inch-wide 911 can be concealed anywhere from pocket to sock, there are not many options for a proper holster outside of the soft velcro one that comes included in the box. Other than the caliber, and round capacity, the Springfield 911 shows its quality big time in moments of immediate danger when there is no time to call 9-1-1.