Media reports of violence have always played a major part in civilians’ interest in personal protection. It’s no secret that with a tragedy, an increase in firearm purchases is sure to follow. And with the Paris massacre, the Orlando shooting, and police/civilian tension and violence, we are seeing a huge upswing in firearm and ammo purchases. Similarly, gun club member numbers are soaring through the roof.


At Magnum, we’ve experienced this first hand… though we have yet to reach capacity – don’t worry! But across the states, gun clubs are feeling the pressure of many members, huge class attendance numbers (and waitlists), and more people interested in firearms training. Gun clubs in the US are certainly feeling the weight of more members, and have had to turn new members away!


At our Shooting Center, we are finding that more and more people want to learn the right way to ensure their own safety, and to examine the hows, whens, and whys that may go along with it. And with training and knowledgeable instruction, we get to see good people like you stand up to the “bad guys”… and succeed.


We can’t believe that “gun free” is the answer. And with the ever-increasing demand for gun club memberships, many of you think along the same vein. So train hard, learn continuously, and be ready for the unexpected. We believe in a well-trained, armed citizenry. And in this day and age, who can we trust, but ourselves?