The Smith & Wesson brand began with two dudes named Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson. Your mind’s pretty much blown now, huh? You’re saying to yourself, “WOW! So that’s how they came up with that superb brand name!” Plus, you might need that info for the winning answer in Trivial Pursuit someday. Moving on to some more factual information (just think about all the trivia you could spout off after reading this!).


The Dudes

Smith’s experience in firearms came about through work at the National Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts, along with other gun makers throughout his career. Wesson was an apprentice to his brother, Edwin Wesson—who was a leading manufacturer of target rifles and pistols in the 1840’s. Daniel Wesson was also a firearms designer.


The Dud

The duo met and formed the Smith & Wesson Company in 1852 with a goal of developing the Smith & Wesson lever action repeating pistol with a fully self-contained cartridge. Their first attempt was a dud. So, they sold the company to Oliver Winchester, who named the company Winchester Repeating Arms Company. This company used Smith & Wesson’s original level action design.


The Success…

Next, Smith & Wesson tried again, and produced a small revolver designed to carry their patented Rimfire cartridge in 1854. Success! And the money came rollin’ in. But they weren’t done yet. In 1869, the Model 3 American was completed, and people went crazy for it. The biggest buyers were the United States Calvary and Russian Imperial Government. Cha. Ching.


…It Just Won’t Stop! 

Smith retired at 65, and sold his share to Wesson. And Wesson just kept on goin’… providing us with hammerless revolvers and the .38 Military & Police (AKA the Model 10). Further, the company developed the first Magnum revolver—the .375 Magnum (we’ll let you speculate on our feelings about this particular firearm), the Model 39, the Model 60, and more.


The Ladies

Smith was married three times during his lifetime: first to Eliza Foster, second to Eliza Hebbard Jepson, then third to Mary Lucretia Hebbard (I’m seeing some similarities here…). Wesson stuck with his main chick, Cynthia Maria Hawes, all his life—whom he eloped with in 1847.


The Sale

Smith & Wesson has not lost its position as an industry leader since 1852. We still can’t get enough of these guys! And all their cool stuff.


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