By Jeremy Harding

Quality is key. This was the primary tenant behind the manufacture of the Sig P Series of pistols. Originally from West Germany, the P2XX line is known for being manufactured with an all-metal frame that enhances stability, thereby increasing accuracy as well. While none would argue that this line of sidearms is definitely much heavier than its polymer framed competition, there can be no denying the top-notch performance these guns can produce.

Starting with the P210, the Swiss military adopted the venerable design as their primary service pistol in 1948. Its rock-solid construction actually incorporated some distinct similarities to the tried-and-true design of the Browning 1911 and even disassembles in a comparable manner. While the P210 is widely considered to be one of the most accurate handguns of its time, it did have one significant drawback in the form of its 8-round magazine. Although this was not something that was seen as a con at the time, higher magazine capacities in more modern firearms have seen the 210 become somewhat more obsolete. In the past couple of years, Sig actually came to the American market with a revamped P210 called the P210 Target which still uses the slim single-stack grip but made some ergonomic improvements to enhance accuracy and reloading.

However, advances in design eventually addressed the lower carrying capacity of the original 210. The appearance of the updated P220 saw the inclusion of a manual de-cocker as well as a firing pin lock to increase safe operations, while the debut of the P226 saw the first integration of a double-stacked magazine design. This feature finally addressed the pain point of the single-stack magazine and increased the P2XX series’ capacity from 8+1 to a respectable 15+1 for its 9mm models. This quality-of-life improvement coupled with the P Series’ established reputation as a top-notch pistol, saw the P226 rise to prominence as one of the most popular sidearms Sig has ever produced. Following the 226’s success in the market, the P229 was created to condense the favored design into a more manageable concealed carry weapon without skimping on the features that made it so desirable like its all-metal frame. That being said, if a metal frame just isn’t in the cards for your next sidearm, you can always peruse Sig’s offerings in the P3XX series which feature a polymer frame.

All things considered, while you’ll pay a premium for the P Series pistols from Sig Sauer you will absolutely get every one of your penny’s worth in value. Each iteration of the classic P210 has brought something new and desirable to the table and has only served to demonstrate the attention to detail that the joint company of Sig Sauer injects into their designs. One can only wonder what innovations the Sig P Series pistols will include in the future.