By Devin Martin

Sig Sauer came up big, right before the 2018 SHOT Show, with the teeny-tiny P365. This little Sig Sauer handgun is meant to be easily carried all day, every day, hence the name “365.” Sig’s new micro-pistol is now a giant in the CCW realm.

The striker-fired P365 stands a bit over 4 inches tall, and just under 6 inches long. Lighter than most of its top competitors, this super sub-compacted pistol barely tips the scale over a pound. Slim-and-trim, the P365 is only an inch wide, but holds a standard 10+1 9mm magazine flush to the grip. The P365’s slender frame, matched with its impressive ammo-carrying capacity, gives it an unprecedented feel compared to its competition.

Since the 9mm micro-pistol game has been commanded by major players like the powerfully charming M&P Shields, the veteran Walther PPS M2s, and the mighty Glock 43… Sig’s excellent P365 is doing everything mini-CCW’s are not supposed to be able to do.

Earlier, I mentioned the remarkable 10+1 mag capacity with a phenomenal polymer grip. P365 believers rave about how comfortable and full that grip feels in their hands for such a small and lightweight handgun. That combined with XRAY3 Day/Night sights are principal in the Sig design, which provides the handler a confident and accurate shot.

Sig has most definitely raised the proverbial bar in the micro-pistol CCW sphere. The P365 can be concealed anywhere comfortably out of sight and still give big-gun, thumping power without compromising the Sig Sauer axiom.