Our Groundbreaking Party is just days away!

We’re going nuts over here planning this whole thing! And we’re keeping our fingers crossed for hundreds in attendance and sunshine galore! You already know we’re going to have off-the-charts prizes (including firearms and ammo!), free Jimmy John’s, a 5-in-1 bounce house and games for the kids, sponsor giveaways, music, inside info about the center, and more. So be there, this Saturday April 26 from 10am to 1pm!

So, now that we have the important party stuff covered… I’ll move on to an equally delicious topic (yes, I said delicious): Founding Membership. I’m serious when I say you better get a move on because we already have over 1,000 Founding Members (you guys are the best!). And the longer you wait, the more you risk missing out on this exclusive deal. Its end date is fast approaching!

Consider this your ever-so-loving kick in the pants to get a move on. It’s because we care that we want to give you the best deal! We want all of our friends to know about it, and not miss out on our incredible… need I say delicious… Founding Membership.

Our Founding Members will get all the goodies:

– Priority lane reservations

– Locking in your one time registration fee

– Locking in your monthly membership dues for one year

– Access to savings with our Member Referral Program

– Access to Founding Member Exclusive Offers

– A FREE machine gun rental on your birthday

– FREE hand-gun and rifle rentals

– FREE Magnum T-Shirts

– FREE guest passes

– Plus much more!!

And, for our current Founding Members, take advantage of our extended referral program! Through the end of May, you can get money back just for referring your friends and family! Click here for more info.

See you at the Groundbreaking party, this Saturday April 26th from 10am to 1pm!

I will be bringing my Bert pug. He’s tubby, and could use the exercise. Feel free to stop by and rub his wrinkly head.

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