By Devin Martin

Since the fall of 1959, the AR-15 has been an icon in the firearm world reproduced by some of the most respected gun-making companies known to mankind. Most gun experts would say that there isn’t much more you could do to improve on the already exceptional AR platform. Well, the ambitious innovators at NEMO Arms have done just that.

New Evolution Military Ordnance (NEMO) made themselves famous with the inception of the Nemo Omen back in 2013. The world-renowned Omen set the standard for what would later become the magnificent XO Carbon. The riveting sneak peek at Shot Show 2017 put us all on notice that the XO Carbon AR-10, chambered in either .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor, was the next generation in advanced AR technology.

The XO Carbon is extremely light and agile, coming in at a feathery 8.2 pounds, thanks to the 20-inch, carbon-fiber barrel produced by the forward-thinking minds up in Big Sky Country at Proof Research. The XO is a cool shot and is extremely accurate because of the carbon barrel. This allows for all-day shooting, especially when you’re having fun with target practice.

Well dressed with all kinds of striking features, all of the XO’s pretty parts are fully functional, too! Possessing ambidextrous everything, from the bolt release and catch, to the safety and charging handle, this AR-10 is more than just well rounded. The XO Carbon is also the only large-frame, patterned AR with the patented Carrier Recoil Reduction System. Needless to say, the XO is a smooth and powerful shooter.

What really sets the NEMO Arms XO Carbon apart is that fact that they were willing to reach out to other brilliant defense weapons-specialists and still found a way to make every detail, whether big or small, uniquely NEMO.