A Celebration of the Beginning!

Bring on the heavy machinery! It’s time to help us celebrate what we’ve all been waiting for… It’s time to break ground on our baby, Magnum Shooting Center! On April 26th, on the site of what will be the most incredible indoor shooting facility in Colorado Springs, you are invited to join the party. From 10am to 1pm, we will keep you on your toes (and give you full bellies) thanks to fun, food, and surprises from us!

Our plans for the center are huge, and our first party will be no exception. It’s totally free to come join us. Come on, what else will you be doing on a Saturday afternoon? Bathing the dog? Forget that, just bring him along and feed him a free sandwich. Here are some of the things we have planned for our Breaking Ground Party:

Freebies (Facebook friends, I’m talkin’ to you!)
Surprise giveaways (I’m talking thousands of dollars in FIREARMS and AMMO!)
Free Jimmy John’s lunch for everybody (Oh, hot peppers on mine, please!)
Coffee and donuts in the morning (Because maybe you don’t want hot peppers at 10… I still do, but that’s beside the point.)
Snacks and drinks (What’s a sandwich without chips? And hot peppers…)
Sign-up opportunities (Get a move on, people, those Founding Memberships are selling out fast!)
Development information (So, here’s the plan, all…)
Owner Q&A (So, here’s some more plans, all…)
Business card fish bowl (A prize is likely to go hand in hand with this one.)
All benefiting Home Front Cares!

Slap on a little SPF and hang out with us! We’ll be with Radio personalities Richard Randall from KVOR, Cutter and Alisha from CAT Country, and Mark Stevens from KKFM. As though the MSC folks won’t be fun enough, we’ll also have our Radio friends to spice up the party. Them and hot peppers. That’ll make just enough spice.

Here’s a little message for our Founding Members to-be:

If you haven’t yet signed up as a Founding Member, you’d better hustle. This is a limited time offer complete with priority lane access, exclusive deals, registration dues and fee lock-in, and more. These won’t be available for the standard memberships, so it’s time to sign up before it’s too late!

See you all at the Groundbreaking Party on April 26 from 10 am to 1 pm!