By Devin Martin

The S&W 380 EZ is the true definition of the familiar phrase “less is more.” S&W has been a pillar of excellence in the manufacturing of firearms since the Civil War. Over the many decades, S&W has continued to be progressive in their engineering and designs – all while living up to a high standard of quality in an increasingly competitive, gun-making, race to supremacy.

The stealthy 380 EZ is one of the latest S&W concealed-carry firearms from their Shield collection. It earns the EZ designation as it is specifically designed for “EZ” operation by any grade of competent handler. From a relative newbie, to the wily old gunsmith, the 380 EZ is sure to leave an overall positive impression.

At almost 7-inches long, some handlers of the EZ might think it’s a little too long for an everyday carry. On the other hand, the feathery 380 only weighs 18.5 ounces with a flush 8-round magazine. The slim EZ encourages confidence in its stance and the fortified, polymer grip offers a superior fit for a wide range of hand sizes. The EZ also comes standard with front and rear white-dot sights that assist with accuracy. The rear sights are adjustable for windage, and while it doesn’t currently have night-sights, it does have a picatinny-style equipment rail for easily mounting flashlights or lasers.

The 380 EZ is very accurate at short distances; ideally 3 to 10 yards. Fittingly laced with an easy to rack slide and light breaking trigger, the smooth shooting EZ is easy on the hands for those who don’t have great hand strength. With very little recoil, the 380 EZ is an uncomplicated shot that requires the right amount of crisp trigger pressure to confirm the handlers’ deliberate action.

Also, the simple EZ is made with a TLCI (tactile loaded chamber indicator), which allows the shooter to clearly see, and feel, if there is a round in the chamber. Despite the advantages of this particular 380 pistol, a lot of carriers prefer the undeniable stopping power of the incomparable 9mm. However, the 380 EZ is more than capable of getting the job done for personal protection in a crisis situation… or just getting a ton of shots off at the range to have a little fun.

Available with an ambidextrous thumb safety, and reversible magazine release, this versatile pistol embodies convenience in every aspect of its features. The EZ provides an effortless breakdown process, which makes for an easy and fast-cleaning experience. This also helps the handler learn the ins-and-outs of its durable polymer and stainless-steel, Armornite-finished frame.

Although some believe the EZ is a little big for a 380-caliber, personal-protection pistol and others don’t like the short 8-round magazines, there are not many cons about the 380 EZ. S&W has filled the gap for an easy-to-handle concealed carry weapon for folks who lack the hand strength needed for operating stiffer slides and heavier triggers. The EZ beautifully resonates with people who desire a lightweight, dependable, and easy-to-use, everyday-carry firearm. The aggressively simple 380 EZ is more than serviceable in just about any circumstances, for every level of handler.