This Magnum Referral Program ended in 2014.

Hello all! We promised you some pretty amazing deals and now we’re here to make good on the first of MANY Members Only P-E-R-K-S! Introducing Magnum’s Refer A Friend Program. This is only the beginning and we want you to take advantage of this amazing offer. That’s right, you can save yourself A LOT of money by taking us up on this program offer. What do you have to do? Oh, it’s simple. Just tell your friends, who are chomping at the bit (or dragging their feet) that it’s time to join, send them to ~ and have them check it out. YOU, a Founding Member, simply sit back and enjoy the benefits of referring your friends, family, co-workers and complete strangers for that matter 🙂

Here’s how it works: Your friend signs up on line here. They will be prompted to enter your name during the registration process. By using you, already a Founding Member, they save you $$$$$!! For each new member that uses you as a referral, you get $50.00 credit towards the remaining balance of your one time registration fee. For example, if you’ve already joined at an Individual Membership Level you could have the entire remaining balance of your one time registration fee wiped clean by simply referring THREE friends! Sound too good to be true? Get this: once you have referred three friends I am guessing you can round up one or two more, don’t cha’ think? Well, if you do you get a $30 credit toward your monthly dues for your first year membership commitment. That’s right, to be clear, above and beyond clearing your remaining balance on that one time registration fee, you can earn $30 credit toward your monthly dues for each additional Member Referral!! I know, you probably think we are crazy for offering such an amazing deal. It’s our way of saying thank you for your support as a Founding Member. Rest assured, the benefits will just keep rolling in and this is why you MUST tell all your fellow shooting enthusiast about Magnum Shooting Center’s Refer A Friend Program. You may want to tell them that once they join, they get to take advantage of this incredible program too! Don’t drag your feet, this offer is good until DECEMBER 31, 2013.
NEXT UP: Magnum’s Exclusive Members Only Holiday Packages! Incredible deals including Membership Packages with Magnum swag and dealer cost firearms are heading your way in the next couple of days. Be on the lookout by visiting our website or like us on Facebook to keep up on all the latest information.