This month at Magnum, we are having an exciting promotion where people have the chance to win a Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II, while also having the option to help law enforcement get the body armor they need.


And, this promotion put us on the news! There are a number of opinions on this particular giveaway, so we thought we’d clarify a couple of things:


  1. Firearm giveaways happen all over the country, and aren’t as scary as some may think. Anyone who wins a firearm must go through the regular background check that is required of those who purchase a firearm. It is the exact same process. If the winner does not pass the background check, he/she will not obtain the firearm, nor will he/she be able to transfer the firearm to a friend or family member. An entirely new winner will be chosen.


  1. To enter this giveaway, there is no purchase necessary. However, if you want to participate in the Poker Shooting Showdown, you may purchase a special, 52-card target (suggested donation: $10), and shoot your best poker hand. The better you shoot, the more entries you will receive into the giveaway.


  1. All the donations that are received will go to Shield616, who will use all the donations to help purchase body armor for our police and sheriffs. We support our law enforcement personnel, and are excited to have the opportunity to help them buy body armor to increase their personal protection. We do not take a position on the faith-based aspects of Shield616’s organization, but can certainly get behind the protection of those who protect us. All of the donations will be used strictly to purchase the body armor.


Firearm giveaways are just one example of the many promotions that we run every month at Magnum. We’ve given away classes, free membership registration fees, training sessions for new shooters, and more! Magnum Shooting Center is passionate about continued, regular training for all shooters in the Front Range. And providing fun promotions for our Magnum friends!


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