Remember our Groundbreaking Party? Remember how insane that was? Remember all the games we had… and the free food? Remember all the free stuff we gave away? Remember how upset you were when you didn’t win? It’s time to try again! We know you were impressed last time, but get ready to be blown away by our next party. July 19th will be the last day you can become a Founding Member… and we’re making a huge deal out of it! Here are just a few of our plans for our Founding Member Finale (you never know if we’ll have more surprises to announce later…):

Bourbon Brothers, Jimmy John’s, and Uncle Buck’s will be feeding us for free (talk about options for snackin’!).

We will have games to keep your kids entertained the whole time… Bass Pro will set up their kid’s fishing, archery range, and BB gun range.

Plus, a bounce house to shake out your kids’ excess energy as we simultaneously sugar them up with candy from our prize bucket.

We’ll have Frisbees & such to toss around.

Serious raffle giveaways, just like last time—firearms, ammo, Magnum swag… none of this peanuts stuff… we go BIG.

Our KVOR and CAT Country radio friends will be there… and they’ll be bragging about us all over their radio waves.

Once again, if Fido wants to come, leash him up and bring him on down. We’ll be happy to share our sandwiches with him! And for any other surprises that might show up at our party, be sure you’ve liked us on Facebook… that’s where you’ll hear all the news! Can’t wait to see you all again at our Founding Member Finale. This will be your last chance to become a Founding Member at what will be the coolest range in town. See you there!

Saturday July 19, 10:30am to 1:30pm

Check y’all out from last time! You look good!