Bullets Both Ways

By Anne Marlowe

Every so often you find a company with heart. Not one only out to make money, but one that truly wants to give back to the community. Bullets Both Ways is just such a company. I

I sat down with Aaron Boyd a few days ago to find out why he started Bullets Both Ways and what his vision for the company is.

Aaron grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, a Huskers fan, the child of a Vietnam veteran and a schoolteacher. Hunting, fishing and proper firearm handling was taught at an early age. His lovely wife Jen is a teacher and they have 3 children.

When Aaron heard about the terrible tragic and senseless horror of Sandy Hook, almost 6 years ago, that left 20 small children and 6 adults dead in their elementary school, he wanted to do his part to make sure it didn’t happen again. “The most important people in my life spend their whole day in a school. “He said. “I want to make sure they are safe and be part of the solution.”

After some trial and error, Bullets Both Ways was created.

The mission for Bullets Both Ways is to help expand protection in our schools, churches, and communities. Aaron feels that by contributing funds and support to train key people in these buildings, through his company, the people willing to serve their community will have a better chance.

“We all know that law enforcement officers are seconds and even minutes away from being able to help.” He said. “It is not a slam to Law Enforcement officers, I fully appreciate and respect them, it is just a reality. For example, at the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburg a few weeks ago, the police were there in 54 seconds. “Potentially, if an armed citizen had been there, lives could have been saved.  Aaron went on to say, “My main goal is to generate funds to provide innovative security measures to our schools, churches and community and to motivate people to help.”

We discussed how being in a crowd these days makes people uneasy. We talked about attending programs at our children’s schools, seeing concerts, and other events, and how people need to be so much more vigilant than ever before.

“Look, I’m not made of money, so I needed to come up with something to create income to be part of the solution.” Aaron said. I want to be able to create scholarships for different people and sponsor different organizations. I am doing this by creating a compelling brand.

Bullets Both Ways has a great mission. According to their website it is to:

  1. Expand protection of our nation’s schools, churches and communities.
  2. Promote preparedness and public safety measures along with law and order through Bullets Both Ways.
  3. Provide support to individuals, families, groups, and the overall public who are victims of violence.
  4. Advocate for additional security and school climate measures for our public schools to protect our children, teachers and staff.
  5. Support the education of proper gun knowledge, respect, and etiquette.
  6. Support proper training and certification courses for all who are willing and able to deliver Bullets Both Ways when armed perpetrators threaten to destroy.
  7. Brand awareness in our society that there are far more law abiding, responsible gun owners in our communities who are willing & able to become an extra layer of protection.
  8. Represent to America that Bullets Both Ways are better in our nation’s schools than bullets one way coming from an unchallenged perpetrator.

Magnum Shooting Center has embraced his mission and have his shirts and hats for sale. When people understand the vision behind the brand, they are very willing to help out. Please come in and put a few of these in your Christmas shopping bag.