By Devin Martin

The .45ACP is the favorite cousin of the 9mm in the handgun family! Most of the popular 9mm pistols offer a .45ACP option in the same gun. The .45 is a very reliable option, especially for personal protection. Here we list 5 incredible .45ACP concealed-carry pistols you can’t go wrong with.

Taurus commander Pistol 45

The Taurus 1911 commander harkens back to the 1911 Browning pistol. With only a 4.2-inch barrel and a full grip standing almost 6 inches tall (5.8”), the 8+1, .45ACP caliber pistol does the legend justice. Embodying the exclusive Novak-drift adjustable front and rear sight, and an extended dovetail, the commander offers a secure grip and an accurate shot.

S&W M&P 45 shield

The Smith & Wesson polymer-framed M&P 45 possesses all the same brawn and lineament as the full-size M&P firearms, but the M&P .45 comes in a much smaller frame. This lightweight, concealed carry is 6.5 inches long including the 3.3-inch barrel and weighs only 20.5 ounces. With a bold grip and thumb safety, the M&P .45 is convenient at all times for personal protection.

Springfield xds

The micro-size single-stack XD-S .45 is fully capable of providing maximum full-size power from its 6.3-inch-long, 4.4-inch-tall, ultra-compact frame. The XD-S dual-spring recoil system and aggressive grip provides a smooth and accurate shot. Including the unique Melonite slide and 3.3-inch barrel, Springfield Armory created the perfect everyday carry.

Springfield xd mod 2

Again! The good people at Springfield gifted us with another .45ACP masterpiece. The Mod 2 carries a lot of the same features of the XD-S; it’s just a tad bigger in the frame. For those of us that might have banana hands, the Mod 2 is a little easier to handle with its 7.3-inch-long, 5.75-inch-tall frame. Also, with its trademarked GripZone Texture, this 13-round, sub-compact .45 is ideal for a personal protection pistol.

Glock 30 .45

The Glock 30 is the slimmer, trimmer version of the stocky Glock 21. The 10-round Glock 30 is 6.96 inches long, 4.80 inches tall and 1.27-inches wide. Plus, it weighs a secure 26.48 ounces for a confident and competent shot. The admirable Glock 30 just might be the axiom of the .45 caliber class.

The .45ACP pistol has been a dependable handgun for generations and will continue to evolve with the great gun-making minds of our time. We hope this provides you with a great foundation to start your search for the perfect personal protection pistol.