By Anne Vinnola

We see the headlines everyday showing us that violent crime is on the rise. Violence concerns us all and doesn’t mind if we are in a large city or small town. Never in our modern history have we needed to pause to consider going to a movie, restaurant or walk into a store with regard to the safety of our friends and family.

The number of legal, permitted gun holders is also going up and it can be a comfort to know that there is possibly someone sitting next to you in that restaurant who can help protect you and your family if the need should arise. But could YOU be that person? Do you have the ability to become the protector if there is a threat?

There are MANY more things to think about when making the decision to carry a firearm for protection, and here are 5 initial considerations.
We don’t carry a gun to kill, we carry a firearm to end an immediate threat to an innocent person.


1. Can I reconcile the decision to take action even if that action results in the death of the person intent on doing harm?

This may be your most challenging question, but is one that needs to be seriously thought through. It is not just a matter of getting the bad guy, having the police pat you on the back and going home for dinner. You may be arrested and go to court, you may need to retain an attorney, and it will not be pleasant. You may have ended another life. Have you thought of the emotional and moral ramifications of drawing and using a firearm?


2. Do I have the training to safely carry a firearm?

You should be proficient in the use of firearms and understand how they work before you carry a firearm. Colorado requires you to take a class and obtain a certificate before you can apply for a Concealed Carry Permit. There are a variety of classes to choose from and quality classes will include shooting time on the range with a qualified instructor. But taking a beginning class, buying a firearm and thinking you are good to go is a good start but can be naïve because of the complexities of a deadly threat situation.


3. Can I commit to regular practice sessions?

If you aren’t willing to practice regularly and strive to improve your shooting techniques, you may not be a good candidate to carry a firearm. Regular practice sessions will make you less likely to be a danger to yourself and those around you if you are thrust into a defensive situation and will improve your confidence.


4. Will I keep up to date on the laws pertaining to carrying and owning a firearm?

You will need to know where and when you can carry. This includes the reciprocity laws in other states if you travel. Carrying a gun can become comfortable and in a way, routine; but paying attention to the laws and situations around you can’t ever be neglected or ignored.


5. Am I a truly responsible person?

Are you going to be able to use calm judgment and practice situational awareness when you are out? Do you watch for every option to escape or avoid a bad situation or to make sure you don’t put yourself in danger? Avoiding dangerous situations in the first place is the best safety solution.


Magnum Shooting Center offers a full line up of classes for beginners through advanced shooters.

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