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If you have yet to step inside our facilities, check out pictures of our range, amenities, shooter’s lounge, classroom, retail shop, and more!


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Magnum Shooting Center…the premier all-indoor range in Colorado!

Magnum is open to the public, but for the best value, become a Charter Member!

Come visit us! Come shoot! Men, women, and capable kids… welcome!

Come check out our fantastic range and our incredible retail shop. Members and nonmembers are welcome to shoot, shop, and train in our facility. 32 shooting lanes, including six 100-yard lanes, for your shooting pleasure!

Finally. A top-of-the-line shooting facility in Colorado Springs, open to the public! Come shoot on our ranges, then check out our retail shop—packed with all kinds of specialty retail, tactical gear, a broad range of firearms and ammo, Magnum swag, and much, much more. Check us out! Then… become a Charter Member and save! Magnum offers twenty-four 25-yard lanes and six 100-yard lanes. We have nearly 13,000 range hours every month and you can shoot pistols, tactical shotguns, rifles, and machine guns on our ranges!


Conveniently located at the Northgate/Gleneagle exit off of I-25 (right across from the Bass Pro Shops), Magnum provides the ideal family-friendly environment for all-level training, skill advancement, and sport shooting—as well as the high-end tactical environment for advanced shooters. Learn the basics, or learn some new skills with experienced trainers who can guide you through all stages of firearms instruction.

The firing line features clean, modern shooting lanes, with fully automatic target carriers. A touch of a button brings your target to you – and sets it exactly where you want it. Beyond this, the Magnum Shooting Center ranges can accommodate almost any caliber, or style of firearm – up to and including the 50-Cal BMG.

Magnum Shooting Center features the top technology in sport shooting ranges: complete environmental control for comfortable shooting no matter the weather, quality lighting for clear vision down range, and top-of-the-line traps for worry-free safety. In addition, the indoor filtration system is designed to eliminate all smoke and air-born particulate matter with a quality standard that exceeds NIOSH, EPA, and OSHA air quality standards. You will always breathe easy, and see well.

Magnum Shooting Center users can shoot and train with pistol, rifle, and automatic weapons, as well as attend firearms safety courses, beginner training courses, advanced specialty courses, concealed carry classes, and more.

Our classes are taught by experienced, attentive instructors in a modern, comfortable classroom complete with Internet access, projection equipment, and video services. There simply isn’t a better training facility in the Front Range.

Beyond all this, you can shop right on site at Magnum Shooting Center’s own retail shop. Purchase ammunition, cleaning supplies, storage gear, specialty firearms, as well as specialized shooting equipment and offerings you won’t find at your average sporting goods store including:

  • Sound suppressors (silencers)
  • Class 3 firearms and accessories
  • Night vision equipment
  • Limited edition weapons
  • Body armor and specialty clothing
  • Tactical gear
  • Custom ammunition
  • And more…

Plus, get top quality pistol and rifle repair – right on the premises – through the skilled gunsmithing services of renowned gunsmith, Todd Lockburner, and his team. With nearly 50 years of collective experience, this team knows how to make your weapon sing… and fix any problem you may encounter. Then, when you’re done shooting, enjoy relaxing in our comfortable shooter’s lounge to round out your day’s excitement.

Open to the public, Magnum Shooting Center also features a full-service membership program giving you top priority for range use, access to special instruction, exclusive Magnum Shooting Center merchandise, and more. Right now you can join as a Charter Member and SAVE!


We invite you to register today to get all the information, special offers, exclusive deals, and more. Registration is totally free, and there’s no obligation on your part whatsoever. Or better still… join as a Charter Member and enjoy all Magnum Shooting Center has to offer… with the best perks reserved for you!

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Magnum Shooting Center
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